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Condition of Membership & Disclaimer

If approved as an IAGM member, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees with the following:

The IAGM has no fiduciary or legal responsibility for the undersigned or their ministry; IAGM, its directors, officers, agents, members, or employees shall in no way be responsible or liable for the actions of the undersigned; The undersigned will obtain liability insurance coverage, or will be self-insured, to cover the acts of their day-to-day ministry, business, and activities. The undersigned agrees to hold the International Association of Grace Ministries (IAGM), its directors, officers, agents, or employees harmless from and against any and all claims or actions asserted against or arising out of the day-to-day ministry, business and activities of the undersigned. When advertising, the undersigned agrees that the wording, “International Association of Grace Ministries” or “IAGM” may not be used as part of your mission’s name and that you may only indicate that your ministry is associated with the International Association of Grace Ministries (IAGM).

Additionally, the undersigned agrees that they acknowledge and are in agreement with the above IAGM purpose, vision, and mission statements, IAGM statement of faith, IAGM position statements, and the IAGM Code of Conduct.