Dr. Daniel Lewis has invested his adult life in Christian education—so others may embrace Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Dan has traveled to sixty-eight countries with his beloved wife Kathy (who passed away in 2017) to preach and teach the Word of God to thousands of people.

As a pastor, teacher, administrator, and innovator, Dr. Lewis helped establish five Bible institutes and colleges, three Christian day schools, and two major bus ministries and Sunday schools. Dan currently serves as the executive director of the International Association of Grace Ministries (IAGM)—a mission sending agency supporting several dozen missionaries to difficult-to-reach people groups. Part of his role includes counseling pastors and missionaries worldwide.

Dan holds a doctorate in ministry from Luther Rice College and Seminary and master’s degrees in both divinity and leadership. His bachelor’s degree is in religious studies, and he has an associate’s degree in biblical studies. Dan has authored several Christian leadership courses and short, Bible-based books on an array of topics, including Bible prophesy.

Dan has taught Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP) courses in Vietnam and the Dominican Republic and online Bible courses through Tri-State Bible College in Ohio. Along with his IAGM responsibilities, he presently serves (teaching and preaching) as an associate pastor at the Grace Connection Church (SBA) in Pasadena, Saint Petersburg, Florida.