Southeast Asia
Marc and Toni Mueller
Pray for this couple who serve as teachers in the southeast part of Asia, working with schools teaching English. They develop relationships with the students and share deeper ideas about spiritual life. They have English Corners where people meet and discuss various interests. Marc has started working with young people by organizing baseball teams. Toni works with people teaching western cooking classes. They are working with a registered church that is accepted by the government helping    ex-patriots. They also help with counseling needs of individuals going through difficult issues. If you would like to help them with financial support, please do so through
Southeast Asia
Wade and Paula Johnson

Wade and Paula Johnson have been serving the Lord in Southeast Asia since 2005. They have been involved in church planting and various Christian ministry with both national and international communities. Recently, they have accepted a request to direct a new secular project that provides them legal access into an otherwise closed area. This open door also affords them tremendous opportunity for outreach through a variety of outlets (Bible studies, education, orphanages, business). Wade and Paula are residing in a highly religious area and request prayers for wisdom in presenting the gospel that allows the Spirit to break through the stronghold of centuries old beliefs (1 Cor. 2:4). 

 If you desire to partner with the Johnson’s, please email them for more specifics at: (Please be aware of sensitivity issues regarding their work and location.) Tax deductible donations may be given at