One of the greatest needs in the world today is the need for clean water.  Many places have only contaminated ground water which, when consumed, often leads to disease and life threatening illnesses.

IAGM’s main mission and purpose is to assist our missionaries is the promotion of the Living Water of the Gospel of Christ.  How exciting it is for us to also promote a simple water filtration system that will provide an avenue for clean and safe drinking water!  To accomplish this, IAGM has partnered with Project Guatemala to raise funds for the portable Aquabile Water Filtration System.

This independent unit is simple to operate and to care for in providing clean drinking water.  If you would like to help IAGM get these units to our missionaries who live in areas of the world where clean drinking water is not available, visit the website and consider a donation through the IAGM PayPal for one or more of these valuable water purifiers.  Kampala,Uganda and San Miguel, Mexico and are two areas in desperate need for the water of life.  And remember, all donations for the Aquabile Filtration Systems are tax deductible though the IAGM PayPal donation button.  Please pray that God will touch people’s hearts who can give to make it possible for pure drinking water for the populous on IAGM mission fields.

Click here for more information, or to order yours today.


System ready for deployment

Ready for deployment!

H2o P Max and Blanca sampling the water

Pastor Max & Bianca – MissionMexico – sampling water