Malaga, Spain

Matt and Rachel Ashcraft

Matt and Rachel Ashcraft have lived in Malaga, Spain with their three children (Logan, Jada & Owen) since 2006.  They want to make disciples of Jesus in any and every way possible.  This year (2017) Matt started a non-profit organization that helps unemployed people on their quest towards full-time employment.  As participants work on re-orienting their efforts to land a job, they discover the meaning and practical application of Jesus’ teachings found in the Bible.  Rachel has a very relational ministry.  She shows God’s love to friends and neighbors by listening, encouraging and basically caring for people in their time of need.  Their heart’s desire is to see Spaniards come to Christ, experience the love and forgiveness that He offers, and see their lives transformed.


Vienna, Austria

Rob and Mary Prokop

Christliche Internationale Geminde, Vienna, Austria C.I.G. is an international, evangelical, non-denominational Christian fellowship based on traditional Christian values with a contemporary style of worship.
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