Nizhneangarsk, Siberia

Sergei and Nadia Sotnikov


Pastor Sergei has labored in Nizhneangarsk for several years and has built a church near Lake Bakal – one of the largest lakes in the world.  Pastor Dennis Ellis with Open Light Ministries ( has helped Pastor Sergei with continued support in this economically sparse area.  The church thrives in this distant land with the encouragement of IAGM and with those who choose to support and pray for this ministry.  This is very important for the continued salvation and growth of other Russians who come to Christ through the outreaches of this pastor and his wife. Please consider supporting this worthy effort with the Russian people.
Nina Ohnivchuk
Nina is a Ukrainian missionary ministering to some of the poorest places in the Ukraine.  She works with a group of leaders from the Inspiration Center to assist orphans and people in great need for food and provision.  She helps raise support for several faith missionaries that labor among the gypsies in the Ukraine as well as the neighboring country of Belarus.  The ministry evangelizes the orphans and gypsies throughout the region where doors are open.  IAGM is encouraging supporters of IAGM missions to please consider supporting this worthy missionary.  Click on the link below for the current newsletter for this servant missionary.